Internship Program

2019 Summer Internship Program

Summer Camp Internship is for student leaders who are willing to walk and work in humility and who are willing to be stretched in their leadership. The internship provides an environment for spiritual growth as well as leadership growth. Servant style leadership is the major key component of what makes this program what it is. We teach each participant in what it means to have the heart of a servant and not just the act of serving. If you, as a student leader, are wanting to grow in leadership, then Summer Camp internship is for you! 

2019 Summer Camp Intern information

Resident interns

Ages – 16 and up
Cost – $325
Dates – May 19th – May 31st, June 2nd – June 17th 

Junior Interns

Ages – 14 -16
Cost – $175
Dates – May 21st – May 31st, June 2nd – June 7th, Junior interns will also be required to go to one of the youth camps. You may choose which one to go to

Notice that all interns will be scheduled to go through an interview process that will take place in April. During the interview, you will be given an assignment to complete in order to be accepted as an intern.

For any further questions please contact Colton Coffey at or at 580-920-1791

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