Summer Camp

Summer Camp Info

Unfortunately we have decided to cancel VLC Summer Camps for kids and youth for the 2021 season.

Bringing kids & counselors in from multiple cities, states, & regions, then putting them in cabins in close proximity did not feel wise at this time. While kids and youth are not at a statistically high risk for serious COVID complications, many of the counsellors and staff are. There were many precautions we considered to reduce the risk but we felt those precautions would inhibit the camp experience.

We are sad that we won’t get to have camp this year but we expect to have camps in 2022 as normal. Several campuses including Sherman and Durant will be hosting events this summer for their local kids and youth.

Camp rentals for groups are available, call Greg @ 580-634-9208.

Kid’s Camp is a terrific experience for campers who have completed 2nd – 6th grade. Your camper will enjoy a wide variety of activities including zip lines, climbing walls, water activities, animal corral, and crafts, with the help of our fully vetted & trained Counselors and Camp Staff. All the activities are designed to challenge them physically, build relationships with others, and build a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Their day begins with morning devotionals and ends with an evening service to provide your camper with an experience that will leave a lasting impression. Evening services, sponsored by 29:eleven Kids Ministry of Victory Life Church, will be a time of learning and worship, providing an atmosphere that will allow campers the freedom to sing, dance, pray and hear God’s Word.

Youth Camp is a dynamic summer camp for campers who have completed 6th – 12th grade and is dedicated to making passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s a jam-packed week of fun, outdoor activities, dynamic services, workshops, and personal discipleship committed to the training of teenagers sold out to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. We leave teenagers with more than the hype of a camp experience, but training that will set their lives on a course committed to the cause of Christ.

Summer Camp FAQ’s and Important Info

  • Youth Conferences: June 8th-12th, 2020 & 15th – 19th, 2020
  • Kids Camps: May 25th – 29th,2020 & June 1st – 5th, 2020
  1. Deposit and Refund Policy
    1. Camp Victory has limited enrollment and can only accept a certain number of campers per session.
    2. Every application must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit. The deposit for Summer Camp is $35 per camper per session.
    3. Tuition for all sessions must be paid in full one week prior to the start of camp.
    4. Applications accepted 1 week or less prior to the first day of camp must be accompanied by full payment.
    5. All cancellations must be submitted via email to
  2. Cancellation policy and fees for Summer Camp:
    1. Cancellations received one month before camp session: cancellation fee = $0
    2. Cancellations received 2 weeks prior to the camp session: cancellation fee = 50%
    3. Cancellations received less than 2 weeks prior to camp session shall remain liable for the full amount of tuition for the entire session reserved.
  3. You will receive no refund if:
    1. You cancel your camper registrations 14 days or less before the session begins.
    2. Your camper is dismissed from camp. We reserve the right to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all campers and to dismiss a camper, without refund, for misconduct or unsociable behavior as determined by the Directors.
    3. You choose to withdraw a camper for any reason before he/she has completed the entire session they were enrolled for.
Check in day procedure
  1. Check in time is 3:00 pm on the first day of camp.
  2. Early arrivals will be allowed inside the camp but will not be permitted to begin registration until 3:00.
  3. At check in campers/groups will make their way through several stations:
    1. Luggage will be collected and transported for them to the cabin area they are assigned to.
      1. Only 2 pieces of luggage are permitted per camper – this includes their bedding!
      2. Mark your luggage and everything they bring with their name. The lost and found each week is huge and no one seems to know whose it is!
    2. Housing lists will be posted for them to see which cabin they will be in for the week.
    3. ID/Badges will be assigned typically with their photo, name and pertinent information.
    4. Electronic devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, etc., will be collected for the week and returned at check out.
    5. Camp Store money will be collected if they have not already applied money online for this. Note: all camper registration fees are to be paid one week prior online.
    6. Medical staff will look at each camper to assess their current health including how they feel that day, any recent temperatures, any lice issues, new injuries, etc. Staff will look at the camper medical info that was entered for them during registration and will make note of any concerns, asking any questions necessary. If medications have been brought they will be sure they are logged into the system and ensure a signed dispensing form came with the camper.
    7. If all checks out, off to the cabins you will go to sign in the camper. The Counselor will have a sign in sheet for you. Do not leave your camper with us without singing them in.
    8. Parents/Group Leaders are free to go!
Dress code
  1. GIRLS: All shorts must be as long as when you put your hands down the side of your legs and where your middle finger touches the thigh or mid-thigh (sorry for super long legged girls). Spaghetti straps and tight fitting tanks will not be allowed unless layered over or used as an under shirt. No low cut in front or under arm without the proper undershirt and please no super form fitting clothing. Leggings and Nike type shorts are super convenient but they need to be modest as well, longer compression shorts must be worn under any Nike type shorts so that length is met and leggings with a proper longer, looser shirt will be needed to meet the above guidelines. Please know it is not our heart to embarrass or make this difficult but we ask that you please make a good decision to pack the right kinds of clothing.
  2. BOYS: No inappropriate logos /words on clothing. All clothes need to be neat and no cut-offs. No runner shorts. No ripped t-shirts or tanks without the arm holes neat. Modest and comfortable clothing please. Please know it is not our heart to embarrass or make this difficult but we ask that you please make a good decision to pack the right kinds of clothing.

Each year the dress code is something that we have to address. Most typically it comes up at youth camp with young ladies. Regardless of what culture finds popular or fashionable, our dress code at camp was developed to honor Christ and not be a distraction to others. If the dress code is ignored and a camper arrives with inappropriate clothing, we will supply some random athletic shirts and shorts for them to wear while at camp.

Check out is at 10:00 am on the last day of camp
  1. Camp gates will open at 9:00 am. Parents may enter the camp and go to the check-out location (Lakeside Pavilion) before 10:00 am but they will not be permitted to see their camper or come any further into the camp until check-out time.
  2. All camper items will be at the Lakeside Pavilion for pick up.
  3. Campers will be released to walk to the Lakeside Pavilion at 10:00 am where they will find their parents/group leader and acquire:
    1. Luggage
    2. Lost and Found
    3. Medicines they brought
    4. Electronics they brought
    5. Money left on their store account
    6. Camp store items, including their cabin photo, which will be for cash purchase only.
  4. Campers must be signed out with the Counselor by the same person who signed them in on check in day. Arrangements must be made with the camp office if a different person will be checking them out.
All camper registrations are done HERE.

There are 2 types of registration, however, each camper will use only 1.

– Registration Type 1: Individual Registration
If you are registering individual campers (such as a parent) would register their child/children) and you are not attending camp with a Group, you will follow the camp website instructions by clicking HERE.

– Registration Type 2: Group Registration
If you are registering a camper that is coming with a group of campers, be sure NOT to register until you have the Group Code that your Group Leader has. Then, proceed to follow the instructions by clicking HERE.

When registering you must be prepared to spend 30 minutes entering information such as:

  • Selecting the week of camp your camper will attend – if you are planning to come with a friend be sure you’ve discussed which week you both plan to register for.
  • Choosing has a cabinmate for your camper: sometimes a camper will want to make sure they are in the same cabin as a friend. There will be a place for you to enter the name of a friend.
  • Camp Store Money: you may pay towards the camp store account that your camper will use while at camp. This may be done online up to the day they come to camp.
  • Supplying Medical history:
  • the names and numbers of your emergency contacts
  • the names and numbers of your preferred doctor, dentist, etc.)
  • the immunization history of each camper
  • conditions or illnesses the camper struggles with
  • medicines the camper routinely takes

Once you have made payment ($35 deposit minimum) you may return any time to access this information, make payments and edit anything that has changed by clicking HERE.

Tips for the week before your camper heads to camp:
  1. Log in to your camper account and be sure you have entered the latest information
    1. Have you entered a bunk mate that you camper wants to be sure is in their cabin? We house our campers 1 week from the date of the camp they will be attending.
    2. Has your camper had an accident or been diagnosed with an illness since you registered them for camp? Go to their account and add this information to the medical section of their camper account.
    3. Is your camper bringing medicines with them?
      1. Enter those medications on your camper’s account.
      2. Have them arrive to camp with any prescribed medication in it’s original prescription bottle with the camper’s name on it.
      3. Print and fill out the Dispense Release Form and bring it with you – or, if your child is coming with a group, send this signed form with your group leader.
    4. Pay any remaining balance of your camper fees one week before the day camp begins. The only money being received during check in is camp store money that the camper will be using during their week of camp.
While my camper is at camp:
Campers experience terrific, full days of fun and food and fellowship. We are careful to keep them away from any news from outside the camp so that they can just have fun in a safe place and forget about any troubles.   New relationships will be formed under the careful eye of trained staff and time will be taken to exercise listening!   While this week of camp is happening here are a few guidelines that might help you!

  • Campers are not permitted to use the phone while at camp.  If they have a need our camp staff will handle any calls on their behalf.  Their personal phones will be collected if they arrive with one and then returned the day they go home.
  • Campers are not permitted to receive phone calls while at camp.  If you need to speak with your camper please contact the camp office and ask to speak with the Director.
  • Campers can receive emails while at camp – look for this option when registering your camper.  They are received overnight and we print them and hand them out the next day.
  • If campers have a medical emergency or we have questions regarding them, you will receive a call from the Camp Director or Camp Nurse.
  • Homesick campers are not taken lightly at Camp Victory.  We work carefully with them to encourage them to stay and provide for their every need.  For those who cannot be consoled, our Director spends careful time with them.  If the Director finds that the child is not able to be consoled, they will contact the parent and work with the parent to see what can be done
Things to bring to summer camp:
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Swim suit:
    • Guys: trunks to be worn w/ a t-shirt cover
    • Girls: one piece suit to be worn w/ t-shirt cover and shorts
  • Water Shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sandals with a heel strap (no Flip Flops)
  • Pajamas
  • Jacket
  • Rain Jacket/Poncho
  • Flashlight
  • Labeled laundry bag
  • Sleeping bag or twin bedding
  • Pillow
  • Bathing towel
  • Beach towel
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Hairbrush
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellant
  • Bible, notebook, pen
Parent Tips:
Parents, we know you are very interested in making sure your camper is prepared for a great week at camp.  At Camp Victory we have taken great care to hire and train personnel that will support your goals. Please take a look at this helpful article as your prepare for camp and contact us any time if you cannot find answers to your questions on our summer camp page.

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